Wheel X Iron Fall Out Remover & Wheel Cleaner



Product Details


    Wheel X cleans by dissolving iron brake dust particles and surface exteriors which include wheels, paint, glass and chrome. Acid Free, pH balanced. Color will change when applied to surfaces that contain iron contaminants.

    Product can dwell on surface up to 3 minutes.

    Sizes: Available in 16oz, 1gal, 5gal+

    Color: Clear

    Fragrance: Stinky

    Dilution Ratio: Ready to use.

    Applications: Wheel and Paint

    Additional Uses: RV

    Tips: On a clean vehicle, spray product wheels or paint to remove iron and fall out contaminants. Wheel X will turn purple as it works it magic! Allow product to sit for up to 3 minutes. Do not let it to dry. Rinse thoroughly with water.  (Do not use on aluminum) 

    Safety: Wear respirator and gloves, may cause eye, and skin irritation. Fatal if swallowed.

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