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      A Family Based Company

      A family based company, Superior Image sells some of the highest quality products one can purchase covering all your car needs.


      15 Years In The Making

      Starting off as a small side business between two brothers, Superior Image has taken off and transcended into a multi-million dollar company.  Opened in 1998, Superior Image is 15 years in the making.  


      Passionate And Proud

      Growing up with cars always in their lives, these brothers took something that they were passionate about and decided to turn it into something they were proud of.  The company offers a multitude of wholesale products including soap, degreaser, window cleaner, wax and more.  These chemicals are professional grade and manufactured by Superior Image themselves.   


      Environmentally Safe

      Blended in California, Superior Image holds true to an environmentally safe standard.  Owner Jon Dickens states “We never thought being environmentally safe was an option, it was just common sense.” By blending their own chemicals, they offer a guarantee that it will stand up head to head with any competitor and will come out on top.  


      Higher Education

      Unlike other companies, Superior Image has a desire to educate their clients on what is in their product and where it comes from.  They do not charge for instructions and offer training on the best way to use their products.  


      We Stand By Our Products

      Superior Image strives to make an honestly amazing product that they can stand behind with the utmost confidence.

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