AMPLIFY Detail Spray



Product Details

Superior Image AMPLIFY Detail Spray is a SIO2 (5%) coating that produces a wet gloss, beading, and dirt repellency into a spray.  The durability of this product is up to 6 months on a daily driven vehicle.  AMPLIFY Detail Spray will hold up to many commercial car washes and is resistant to chemical break down.  This water-based formula will repel water better than the anything in the industry.  AMPLIFY Detail Spray has been tested in the commercial wholesale industry for the last year and is the number one wholesale SIO2 product on the market.  Superior Image AMPLIFY Detail Spray can be used in other ways.  This product can be applied to the entire vehicle; glass, chrome, paint, wheels...  Simple wash the vehicle, rinse the soap and spray on AMPLIFY Detail Spray onto the wet vehicle then rinse with water and dry.  


Hand Applied

  1.  Apply product to the surface (direct sun does not effect this product)
  2. Shake Well
  3. Spray directly onto Superior Image Microfiber Towel and spread onto surface over a 2 ft sq area.
  4. Wipe area to to final gloss.

Wash Applied

  1. Surface must be well cleaned from soap residue and left with water.
  2. Dilute 1 part AMPLIFY Detail Spray to 6 parts water.
  3. Spray a fine mist onto the surface of the vehicle (panel by panel).
  4. Immediately rinse with strong water pressure.
  5. Dry car as usual

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