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    MEGA FOAM Wash & Wax is the perfect PH balanced wash for those freshly waxed, coated or sealed vehicles in need of a shampoo that cleans AND conditions. With just 2oz of Mega Foam, you can wash and maintain that “freshly protected” high gloss shine! Mega Foam produces a thick foam full of hydrating polymers that wrap themselves around dust and dirt so you can rinse them away without scratching or stripping surfaces of their protective layer. These enhanced polymers will also add a layer of protection to bare unprotected surfaces. Mega Foam Wash & WAX is the most effective way to clean, maintain protection or add additional protection to your vehicle in one simple wash!! 

    Sizes: Available in 16oz, 1gal, 5gal+

    Dilution Ratio: 320:1

    Tips: Use 2oz in a foam cannon OR 5 gallon wash bucket. Use with a plush microfiber wash mitt or wash sponge for best results.


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