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  • HD Foam All Purpose Shampoo



    Product Details

    HD Foam is an excellent foaming cleaner.  This product can be used on the interior of vehicles or the exterior of vehicles.  HD Foam has optical brightners for the interior surfaces to shine as well as a great lemon smell.  Use the product on the exterior of vehicles for more cleaning when soils are heavy.  PH balance this tough foam cleaner will go after any muddy surface.  

    Engineered to produce the highest amount of suds in your bucket. Just 1 ounce of soap in 4-5 gallons of water will produce a wash solution that will surely impress any detailing professional or weekend enthusiast.

    Color: Yellow

    Fragrance: Lemon

    Dilution Ratio: 240:1

    Applications: Exterior automotive surfaces

    Additional Uses: RV and Marine

    Tips: Use 2oz for 32oz when using a foam gun

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