Diamond Brite Non-Caustic Cleaner/Degreaser



Product Details

Diamond Brite is a non-acidic liquid alkaline blend cleaner with unique solvents to remove dirt and grime.  Leaves the surface clean with a great shine.  Wait what?  Yes, we have incorporated a Shine factor into this product.  Why?  When cleaning interiors you will not need to dress the vinyl, leather.  When cleaning engines it will leave the plastic and rubber with the new shine.  When cleaning wheels it will leave the metal, plastic, or painted surfaces with a shine.

Have we tested this product? Yes, for the last 3 years this product has cleaned millions (yes, millions) of cars from East coast to West coast.

For Carpets, Seats, Vinyl, Plastic, Engines, Wheels, Rims, and Brakes.

Dilution: Apply to vehicle at a final dilution rate of

30 parts water/1 part product for Leather  (1 Pumps)

20 parts water/1 part product for Interiors  (2 Pumps)

10 parts water/1 part product for Wheels and Engines  (3 Pumps)

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