Product Details

AMPLIFY ONE T.I.R.E. Dressing is a concentrated versatile water-based zero solvent protective coating for Tires, Interior, Rubber, and Engines that offers tremendous UV protection and Hydrophobic effect.  Provides excellent protection up to three months.

This product contains Silica Dioxide which will allow the surface to become hydrophobic and create an unbelievable shine.

For Tires, Vinyl, Leather, Rubber, Trim, Engines, Wheel Wheels


(Note- You are welcome to adjust any of the dilutions as you see fit and find many options work very well)

  • Tires:  Undiluted or 1:1, 2 thin coats with 20 minutes or more between will offer the best looking dark black tires you will find
  • Interiors, Vinyl and Leather - 1 part/ 5 parts water
  • Rubber - External Plastics 1 part/ 3 parts water
  • Engines - 1 part/ 3 parts water


  1. Clean the surface from any oil, dirt, and dust.
  2. Shake Diluted spray bottle
  3. Spray onto surface and let dry or wipe in a thin even layer.
  4. Wipe of any excess.
  5. Allow to dry before vehicle is used.
  6. This product can be layered after 20 minutes of dry time.



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