Maxi Foam Car Wash Shampoo



Product Details


Maxi Foam is a superior cleaning shampoo that delivers amazing results through a constant release of foaming bubbles. The advanced constant foaming formula does an amazing job at pulling dirt, debris and road filth off your vehicle’s exterior providing a smooth clean surface that shines. Maxi Foam works by suspending super polymers within each bubble, allowing road grime and built-up dirt to be effortlessly rinsed away. This soap is engineered to produce the highest amount of suds in your bucket. Just 1 ounce of soap in 4-5 gallons of water will produce a wash solution that will surely impress any detailing professional or weekend enthusiast.

Sizes: Available in 16oz, 1gal, 5gal+

Color: Pink

Fragrance: Floral

Dilution Ratio: 240:1

Applications: Exterior automotive surfaces

Additional Uses: RV and Marine

Tips: Use 2oz for 32oz when using a foam gun

Safety: Wear Gloves, may cause Eye, Skin irritation.

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