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  • Superior Image Car Care Products : The new industry standard

    Posted on January 07 2019

    Superior Image Car Care Products : The new industry standard

    15 Years In The Making – Proven Car Care

    Starting off as a small side business between two brothers, Superior Image has taken off and transcended into a multi-million dollar detail supply company. Opened in 1998, Superior Image is 20 years in the making and their products have been used on over 1 billion cars in various carwashes all over America. Their experience with detail companies and carwashes give Superior Image an edge over many product companies because they know what the products need to do to get the result that people want. Superior Image is now the southwest's largest car wash detail supply center located at 945 S. Hohokam Dr in Tempe, AZ.

    Passionate And Proud
    Growing up with cars always in their lives, these brothers took something that they were passionate about and decided to turn it into something they were proud of. The company offers a multitude of wholesale products including soap, degreaser, window cleaner, wax and more.  These chemicals are professional grade and manufactured by Superior Image themselves. Their products are used and tested on carwashes and detail shops all over America making it one of the most used products in the industry. Superior Image is now packaging their products for consumer use with the same high standards that detailers require.

    Environmentally Safe
    Blended in California, Superior Image holds true to an environmentally safe standard.  Owner Jon Dickens states “We never thought being environmentally safe was an option, it was just common sense.” By blending their own chemicals, they offer a guarantee that it will stand up head to head with any competitor and will come out on top.  Many competitors in the market get their chemicals blended in Asia which doesn’t hold up to American standards of quality and environmental safety.

    Higher Education
    Unlike other companies, Superior Image has a desire to educate their clients on what is in their product and where it comes from.  They do not charge for instructions and offer training on the best way to use their products. Superior Image is the only distributor that offers International Detail Association (IDA) training and certification. The IDA gives detailers the opportunity to network with your peers, mentors and vendors as well as improve their business and marketing. Superior Image also has events and trainings from top trainers from Rupes, Meguiars, Simoniz, etc.

    Superior Image has had over 10 training events in this past year alone with more getting booked monthly. Learn from the industry's best. No other detail supply center helps it's customers by giving them the knowledge and firepower to use the right chemicals and tools.

    Superior Showroom

    Superior Image Stands By Our Products
    Superior Image strives to make an honestly amazing product that they can stand behind with the utmost confidence. Their commitment to the customer is unparalleled in the industry. They encourage customers and detailers to come to their showroom, try out the product or ask one of their professionals on the best way to keep your car looking showroom ready.

    Superior Image Car Care Products & Showroom
    945 S. Hohokam Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85281

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