Odor Eliminator



Product Details

The technologically advanced odor eliminator is formulated to be used on hard surfaces and carpets. It is known for immediate odor controlling and leaving behind the deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology. The car deodorizer has naturally-occurring microbes, which degrade the odor causing compounds and break them down.

Heavy duty deodorant and malador eliminator. Use anywhere there is an odor problem in mop water, carpet solutions, bathrooms, trash cans, shower curtains, pet accidents.

  • Technical Specifications
  • COLOR:...........Transparent
  • VISCOSITY: ..................Water thin
  • FORM: ...............Liquid
  • STORAGE(Unopened):..1 Year @R.T. SCENT: ............. Fresh Floral
  • pH: .................... 6.0
  • WEIGHT/GAL: ...... 8.3 lbs. 

Heavy-duty deodorant additive Where To Use Cleaning Solution Mop Buckets Carpet Shampoos Bathrooms Deodorizing Trash Compactors Sinks Drains Portable Toilets Hotels Nursing Homes Schools Dilution Light - 1/256 (1/2 oz per gallon) Medium - 1/128 (1 oz per gallon) Heavy - 1/64 (2 oz per gallon) Directions Remove source of odor by cleaning with appropriate Superior Image product. Daily: Dispense a few drops on carpet, in waste baskets, on bottoms of chairs or other out of the way spots. Pet Accidents, Human Incontinence & Decay: Dispense directly on source of odor to make cleanup more pleasant. Clean, then damp mop with 1 to 2 oz. added to mop water. Hospitals & Nursing Homes: Add to bed pans, commodes, on dirty linens, used bandages, etc. A few drops keeps area fresh. Hotels & Motels: Dispense a few drops in closets, on bath mats, shower curtains, in air conditioners and around beds. As a Space Deodorizer: Mix approximately 2 oz. per gallon of water and spray in air, waste cans, cigarette urns, etc. Trash Containers & Compactors: Add a few drops each time refuse is added. Rug Shampoo: Add 1/2 to 1 oz. to every gallon of shampoo solution used. It is not necessary to rinse unless shampoo requires rinsing. May be used in steam extraction cleaners. Cleaning Solutions: Add 1 oz per gallon of mixed solution. Add to water for rinsing mops & cloths. Portable Toilets: Add 1/2 oz per gallon to liquid in holding tank. Sinks & Drains: Add at end of working day to eliminate any odor build up. Excellent for garbage disposals. IMPORTANT: When applying concentrate directly to textiles, test in a non-conspicuous spot to insure that the dyes are colorfast.

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