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  • Waterless Wash



    Product Details

    Conserves Water, Cleans, Seals, Shines & Protects all in one easy application. Restores your paint finish by removing light oxidation. Stops Damage from Oxidation, UV Rays, Acid Rain, Salt and Pollution. A special high-lubricity formula that actually encapsulates dust particles and enhances a deep luster without using water. An innovative product that removes surface dust, fingerprints and smudges from showroom vehicles while leaving a clean glossy finish. Easy to use. Spray on and just wipe off.

    • 16:1 Concentrate
    • Ultimate Detailer
    • Superior shine and protection that lasts
    • Wash, wax and protect in one step
    • 16 ounce bottle makes 2 gallons of ready to use waterless wash
    • Not just a wash - a waterless detailing system
    • Can be used on paint, wheels, windows and more
    • Perfect for all car colors
    • For Paint, Fiberglass, Metal, Glass, Clear Plastic, and more
    • Fast Easy and Eco Friendly
    • For all autos, airplanes, motorcycle, coats, boats, bikes, etc.
    • Designed to produce a scratch-free, swirl-free shine

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