Tire Q2M Tire Cleaner 1000mL



Product Details

A specialized and highly effective tire and rubber cleaner. Removes old dressings and deep, accumulated contamination with ease. Q²M Tire Cleaner is safe on all types of tires, including classic white-wall rubber.

The ultimate solution for tire and rubber cleaning. Q²M Tire Cleaner is able to remove old dressing and accumulated dirt even out of the structure of the tire. It prepares the surface for every quality dressing. TIP: spray generously on a wet tire and agitate with a medium to stiff brush. Let dwell and rinse with a pressure washer. Do a second clean to check if suds are white.

Q²M Tire Cleaner is a unique formula designed to cleanse all rubber elements of your car. It will soak deep in the porous structure of the material and loosen accumulated dirt and contamination. Q²M Tire Cleaner dissolves tire dressings and prepares the surface prior to dressing application


CONSUMPTION: 20ml / tire



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