Simoniz Carpet Spotter Wipes



Product Details

Headliners stains are a nightmare because if you use too much cleaning product the headliner can actually separate from the substrate. These wipes fix that problem and do a lot more!

Simoniz® Spot Remover Wipes contain powerful cleaning agents with waste-digesting bacterial-enzymes. They literally wipe away heavy soils and stains from carpet, upholstery, and headliners. Coffee spills happen. Pen marks find their way onto your headliner. Keep a jar of these wipes in your trunk and you'll be prepared to make quick work of those stains!

How to Use:

  • Simply rub wipe into stain until it disappears.

TIP: These wipes also work great on couches, pillows, clothing, and any type of soiled or stained fabric.

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