6 inch Sanding Velcro Discs DA - 25 Disc



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Purple Finishing Film Abrasive Disc - features an updated coating that levels surface defects on clear coat and greatly reduces pigtails. Aluminum oxide abrasive cuts fast, lasts a long time, resists loading and leaves a consistent, easy-to-polish finish. Hook and loop Backing system makes disc change-outs fast and easy. Long-lasting abrasive disc produces easy-to-polish finish Specially formulated coating reduces pigtails and boosts abrasive life Flexible, durable film backing increases conformability Hook and loop Backing for fast, efficient disc change-outs Achieve a consistent, professional and easy-to-polish finish with reduced pigtails during dry sanding. Insta Finish's Purple Finishing Film Abrasive Discs are built onto a durable film backing that adds conformability, and a specially formulated coating preserves the life of the aluminum oxide mineral. Discs are ideal for leveling orange peel, dust nibs or paint runs in all types of automotive paint, gel coat and clear coat. Insta Finish's Purple Finishing Film Abrasive Discs are used for scuffing blend areas prior to painting and removing defects prior to paint finishing. The new discs are much faster and easier to use than scuffing pads. The discs produce fewer pigtails during any application and reduce deep scratches, comebacks and rework, saving time and money in collision repair operations. Insta Finish's Finishing Film Abrasive Disc is the newest technology. The purple grade has the greatest performance and is the highest quality available in an abrasive disc. From its high-performance aluminum oxide abrasive and its formulated coating, this finishing film disc combines performance, durability and long-lasting efficiency.

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