RUPES Yellow Fine Rotary Foam Pad



Product Details

Designed for use with the on center rotary movement and optimized for the color coordinated yellow Fine Rotary Polishing Compound the RUPES BigFoot Rotary Yellow Fine Foam Pad eliminates moderate surface defects and imperfections while restoring high gloss. The unique foam structure provides rotational stability and a smooth, comfortable operator experience through the entire speed range.

RUPES BigFoot Rotary Yellow Fine Foam Pads are extremely versatile; they can make the removal of moderate-to-light paint defects effortless while producing a high-gloss finish on all paint colors. The proprietary open-cell foam promotes airflow through the pad to manage heat build-up while providing the stability needed for user comfort. Designed in conjunction with RUPES BigFoot Rotary Fine Polish, these yellow foam pads work with the movement and speed of the RUPES LH19E Rotary Polisher to deliver consistent results on a wide variety of paint systems. Use Yellow Fine Foam Pads to remove swirl marks, towel marks, fine scratches, and stains.

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