RUPES White Ultra Fine Rotary Foam Pad



Product Details

RUPES Ultra Fine White Rotary Foam Pad - The Ultra Fine White Pad is exceptionally soft in its construction and was designed to maximize gloss and clarity before applying a wax or sealant. The Ultra Fine White Pad will finish flawlessly on any paint system when used with a high quality polish.

The RUPES Rotary Foam Pads were created with one thing in mind – the correcting power of the RUPES LHR 19E Rotary Polisher. Manufactured with a unique and proprietary open-cell foam build, the RUPES Rotary Foam Pads provide exceptional rotational stability and manages the heat build commonly associated with rotary polishers. The rounded edges help to minimize rotary induced swirl marks and buffer trails. If you’ve upgraded your rotary game with the RUPES LHR 19E Rotary Polisher, make sure it’s doing its best by pairing it with the RUPES Rotary Foam Pads!

As with the RUPES Mille Foam Pads, the RUPES Rotary Foam Pads are available in three different grades of foam – a cutting, a polishing, and a finishing. These colors maintain the systematic color-coding that RUPES already uses while also offering a versatile ad effective selection of pads for your RUPES LHR 19E Rotary Polisher.

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