Rupes Bigfoot LHR 19E Rotary Polisher

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Featuring a high torque motor, compact design, premium ergonomics and a lightweight housing, the LH 19E is one of the most
capable and maneuverable rotary polishers on the market. Its lightweight and powerful design makes it the ultimate rotary polishing solution for
a variety of industries including automotive detailing, collision repair and refinishing, marine, and more.

  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design for Optimum Performance

  • Includes Anti-Vibration Loop Handle.

  • Includes 125 mm - 5" Backing Plate

RUPES BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher offers a powerful high torque motor in a lightweight compact design for optimum ergonomics as well as performance. This innovative engineering makes the RUPES BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher the most proficient and easy to control rotary polisher available.

The advanced anti-vibration loop handle, included as a standard configuration with the RUPES BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher, allows you to hold the polisher securely at different angles for precision and efficiency. The soft grip material dissipates vibration for improved comfort while polishing.

As an option, the RUPES BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher may also be equipped with a soft grip side handle which reduces vibration and provides comfort and control while polishing. The soft grip side handle enables the option of right or left side grip for those who prefer a side grip instead of a loop handle.

RUPES BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher features an electronic RPM controller with torque recovery to keep the rotation speed continuous, even under varying loads to ensure a highly efficient polishing process with uniform results.

Accuracy is easily achieved with the RUPES BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher a progressive trigger that allowing you to make fine tune your speed adjustments without interrupting your polishing process. In addition to the trigger speed adjustments the large electronic speed control dial, accurately delivers the right speed with ease.

The RUPES BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher is the perfect solution for the automotive and marine detailing, collision repair and refinishing industries to increase productivity and profitability.

The well balanced RUPES Backing Pad System, developed and manufactured in house by RUPES, features the stability and flexibility necessary for the demands of rotary polishing

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