Rupes 180 mm (7 inch) White Finishing Foam Pad



Product Details

Expanded RUPES resin sponge pads are designed specifically for rotorbelt polishing systems. They produce excellent results, with substantial time savings and reduced paste consumption. The BigFoot rotorbit movement creates high mechanical stresses on the sponge pads, resulting in an increase in the internal temperature. The innovative "open cell" structure of BigFoot swabs prevents the formation of heat generated during the polishing process. In addition, this particular structure guarantees maximum efficiency in the polishing process, with a minimum vertical vertical pressure for the operator. The central hole causes higher ventilation and heat dispersion along special channels in the platter. 

Made with a high intensity resin that gives it a particularly soft consistency and characterized by a very fine cellular structure, this pad can adapt to irregular bombs and irregular shapes typical of sports cars and of the era. Given the particular softness is dedicated to the surface ultragloss finish. It is advisable to use it in conjunction with the diamond abrasive paste to obtain "car show" finishes


  • RUPES 180 mm (7 inch)
  • White
  • Perfect on dark colored vehicles to remove any residual holograms or swirls
  • Designed for the LHR 21ES & 21II
  • Finishing pad/polish combination

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