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  • Q2R Marine Polish Step 2 1000 mL



    Product Details

    Q²R MarinePolish Step2 is an effective polish, designed to leave a hologram free finish and a great level of gloss. It also has medium cutting power, making it a great product for one-step refreshments on gelcoat or yacht paint.

    Perfect the finish and remove secondary defects with Q²R MarinePolish Step 2. Low dust and no fillers ensure great finish and prompt workcycle. Use Q²M PolishWIpe and Q²R Degrease to remove the polish and leave a finish ready for coating.

    Q²R MarinePolish Step2 has proved its ability to work with both rotary and orbital polishers, being a very universal product. It provides a great, glossy finish free of holograms and other secondary defects.


    CONSUMPTION: 5-8ml/m²

    FINISH: 6

    CUT: 4

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