"Next Level Kit" (8oz.)

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Product Details

We offer our next Kit.  This kit takes our products up a notch.  Starting with a Soap, Wax and Detail Spray all fortified with polymers. Tire Dressing Gel, and Leather Creme add shine and protection and finally a cleaner you can safely use on almost all surfaces.  Why so cheap?  The kit is not cheap these products are concentrated we want you to try our products.

Diamond Brite 10:1

Mega Foam 500:1

Juice 4:1

Very Cherry 4 oz per car

Tire Dressing the most silicone we could pack into a water base dressing over 30%

Leather Creme

Diamond Brite - is a non-acidic liquid alkaline blend cleaner with unique solvents to remove dirt and grime.  Leaves the surface clean with a great shine.  For Carpets, Seats, Vinyl, Plastic, Engines, Wheels, Rims, and Brakes

Mega Foam Wash + Wax - is a highly concentrated, thick car wash shampoo fortified with gloss enhancing polymers to give your car a beautiful looking shine. PH-neutral formula is excellent for maintaining the protection on your freshly waxed or sealed vehicle while adding an additional layer of wax protection on bare surfaces too. Special polymer surfactants greatly reduce surface tension with a hydrophilic effect to safely encapsulate and flush away dirt and grime. Mega Foam is pH balanced soap works excellent for hand wash and/or foam gun applications. Produces dense great smelling foam that cleans and conditions the surface while leaving a smooth brilliant looking finish.

Juice Polymer Spray + Protect - is a great compliment to any car enthusiasts' product arsenal. The easy-to-use formulation incorporates a unique Hybrid Polymer Technology that provides up to 3 months protection and generates excellent hydrophobic properties. Mist on vehicle surface or microfiber towel.  Wipe completely after applying turning towel often or after the car is washed and while it is still wet, simply spray entire car with the product and rinse. Completely dry all areas affected with a clean microfiber towel.

Very Cherry Carnauba + Polymer - is specially formulated as a mild cleaner and long lasting wax combination. Very Cherry Carnauba + Polymers is an extremely user-friendly car wax that contains both acrylic polymers along with the protection of carnauba wax. Very Cherry has an easy on easy off application. Very Cherry is an excellent choice for dark colored vehicles and working in direct sunlight. Very Cherry Carnauba + Polymers provides a high gloss finish with long lasting results and protection.

Ultra Shine - is a premium wipe on tire dressing that can be used to bring a shine to exterior surfaces. This product protects and beautifies plastic, vinyl, and rubber with a deep durable shine.

Leather Creme - This non greasy Leather Conditioner has been a staple in our line for over 15 years.  The scent is straight from the tannery with a leather scent.  Conditioners check the box in all catagories with lanolin, conditioners, non greasy, Special formula will replenish essential oils and protect your leather upholstery and dashboard from the damaging effects of the sun.

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