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  • M122 Surface Prep



    Product Details

    SURFACE PREP: Spray & wipe to prepare surface for paint correction, touch-up paint, or coatings
    REVEALS TRUE SURFACE: Reveals true paint condition for defect inspection during paint correction
    EASY AND QUICK TO USE: Quickly remove dust, polishing oils & compound residue for maximum bonding
    SAFE FORMULATION: Body shop safe formula and won’t swell or stain paint
    COST EFFECTIVE: Ready-to-use and cost-effective inspection spray
    M122 is versatile tool used throughout the paint correction process, as well as before applying coatings or touch-up paint. This unique formula allows for efficient & true results, without unnecessary risk of swelling or staining paint.

    • Developed to remove residue from compound, polish, or oils, leaving a bare finish for maximum adhesion for ceramic coatings or touch-up paint
    • Excellent as inspection spray to check work during compounding & polishing
    • Unique formula will NOT swell or stain paint
    • Unique cleaning package removes the need for heavy solvent

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