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  • Carnauba Butter Wax - 100% carnauba based wax, UVA & UVB protection
  • Kwik Seal Gold - Easy on, Easy off, great on glass, wheels, paint, and more.
  • Interior DG - Spot and stain remover, pretreat or stand alone cleaner.
  • Show Shine - Easy to use detailer, UV protection, Enhance shine.
  • Vanish - Steak Free Formula, Made for the Arizona sun!
  • Magic Shine -  High Gloss shine, oil based dressing
  • Maxi Foam - Super car wash soap, rinse free leaves no residue.

Carnauba Butter Wax 8 oz or 16 ozA soft, yellow, banana-scented creme wax that contains highly specialized polymers. It produces a deep "wet look" gloss and provides excellent protection. A thick crème which contains a unique blend of silicones for a long lasting shine. Easy-to-apply creme formulation that saves time and effort. Application: should be 4 oz. per car.

Kwik Seal Gold 8 oz or 16 oz - A high gloss one-step liquid polymer wax. A liquid that contains silicone, removes light dirt and grease, produces gloss and provides moderate protection. An easy to use liquid that leaves no residue and provides durability. Unique blend of solvents and polymers that clean, polish and protect in one easy application. Application: should be 4 oz. per car

Interior DG 8 oz or 16 oz - The invisible low-foam formula gives INTERIOR DG the highest level of cleaning power possible with no residue. The special pH-balanced formula of INTERIOR DG is highly effective on heavy dirt and grime, but gentle enough for the most sensitive fabrics. Application: Product maybe diluted 4:1

Show Shine 8 oz or 16oz    - A special high-lubricity formula that actually encapsulates dust particles and enhances a deep luster without using water. An innovative product that removes surface dust, fingerprints and smudges from showroom vehicles while leaving a clean glossy finish. Easy to use. Spray on and just wipe off. Application: Product maybe diluted 1:1

Vanish Glass Cleaner 8 oz or 16 oz - Vanish is window magic. It is streak-free, ammonia-free, VOC compliant and safe to use on tinted windows. Vanish sprays like water, there is no foam and no harsh smell. Just spray and wipe and watch dirt, grease, water spots, smudges and just about anything disappear. Application: Product may be diluted 1:1 with distilled water.

Magic Shine Dressing 8 oz or 16 oz - Our multi-purpose very durable, solvent base dressing utilizes high viscosity silicones to produce a rich, long lasting, high gloss shine on rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces. Works great on interiors and exteriors. Application: Straight

MaxiFoam Soap 8oz or 16 oz - This soap is engineered to produce the highest amount of suds in your bucket. Just 1 ounce of soap in 4-5 gallons of water will produce a wash solution that will surely impress any detailing professional or weekend enthusiast.  Application: Product is 1 oz per 5 gallon s of water.  Makes over 40 gallons of wash solution.


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