Griot's Garage Red, Black, and Orange 5.5 inch Foam Pad Kit



Product Details

The construction and beveled, flat face of these pads promote even application of product, more consistent results, and easier wipe off. Produces phenomenal shine and durability by hand or random orbital. We select premium, reticulated, open-cell foam for all our pads because it increases durability and improves tear resistance. Flip one over and you'll see our improved micro hook and loop system that offers improved attachment and quick detachment. We also employ a thermoset bonding that's durable enough to make our foam pads machine washable propositions
  • Waxing - For precise application of waxes and sealants, delivering phenomenal shine and durability
  • Finishing - For use with fine polishes, waxes & sealants to finish the most delicate paints.
  • Correcting - For use with compounds, polishes or One-Step Sealant for removal of light to moderate defects

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