Griot's Garage 10645 MicroFiber FAST Cutting Pad 6"



Product Details

Griot's Garage Micro Fiber FAST Cutting Pad

  • You'll be impressed how quickly this pad beats back the deepest scratches and the most stubborn oxidation.
    • Long, plush, 10mm nap microfiber generates a robust cleaning action
    • Amplifies the effectiveness of our polishes and compounds
    • Made with the highest quality materials so you'll see superior results
Our Microfiber FAST Cutting Pad is tough on scuffs and faster than foam. You'll really like how these FAST pads amplify the defect removal and finishing capabilities of our polishes and compounds. The 10mm long, plush, nap of these pads is better at suspending liquid on the pad surface, lengthening the work cycle between reapplications and further quickening the surface care process. Designed to be the best, Griot's Garage microfiber pads are made with the highest quality materials so you'll see superior results. Recommended for advanced users and professional detailers

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