Griot's Garage 2 In. BOSS Conversion Kit



Product Details

The Griot's Garage BOSS™ 2" Orbital Conversion Kit allows your 3" Random Orbital to take advantage of our new family of 2-inch pads. Smaller 2" pads provide better access to thin A-pillars, grilles, intricate body panels, produce more pad rotation so they remove defects faster, and won't bog down under load. Backing plate fits via 5/16"-24 threaded shaft. The kit includes a 2-inch backing plate and one of each of the following BOSS™ pads: Microfiber Fast Cutting, Microfiber, Fast Correcting Foam, Correcting Foam, Perfecting Foam, and Finishing Foam

This kit concentrates the power of your 3" Random Orbital for faster defect removal by opening the door to our line of 2" pads.

  • Convert our 3" Random Orbital to use 2" pads
  • Includes backing plate and six pads
  • 2" pads rotate faster, remove defects faster
  • 2" pads won't bog down under load
  • Better access to thin A-pillars, grilles, and intricate body panels

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