Griot's Garage 11115 Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths - Set of 3



Product Details

A clean and crisp polish wipe-off is critical to creating pristine paint. These cloths safely lift polish residue off your paint.
  • Use for final wipe-off of all our polishes and compounds
  • Wedge shaped microfibers trap and lift away polish residue
  • We use the most advanced microfiber on the market
When using a cloth to remove polish it is imperative that you don't drag the polishing granules over the surface again. These cloths have been designed specifically for polish removal. The 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" cloths employ non-abrasive, wedge shaped microfibers that trap and lift away polish and sealant better than cotton or any other microfiber available. The thick nap allows more polish to be held in the towel. Set includes three cloths. Use for final wipe-off of all our polishes, Complete Compound™, BOSS Creams, or One-Step Sealant.

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