Fisheye Eliminator, 1L



Product Details

Fisheye Remover is an additive specially formulated to help avoid and prevent fisheyes. Fisheye Remover can be used with virtually all types of urethane and non-urethane 2K topcoats. Due to presence of any contamination use Shiraz Instafinish fisheye eliminator. 

You should prevent fisheyes and boost shine on surfaces with the Fish Eye Eliminator. Available in a 1-liter bottle, the Fish Eye Eliminator is comparable to the finest such products on the market today. Reducing the surface tension on wet paint film, this fisheye eliminator enhances flow-out, prevents trapping of solvent and reduces the telegraphing of sand scratches. AG506 automotive paint additive will eliminate fisheyes and other surface defects from lacquers and synthetic paints.

For safe handling, keep the Shiraz Fish Eye Eliminator away from sparks, heat, hot surfaces, and open flames. It is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly after handling this product.

Key Features of the Shiraz Fish Eye Eliminator:

  • Prevents fisheyes
  • Improves sheen on surfaces
  • Reduces surface tension of the wet paint film
  • Enhanced flow-out
  • Inhibits trapping of solvents
  • Reduces telegraphing of sand scratches

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