Epoxy Glue Gun Manual Applicator for 2 part cartridges,ideal for 50ml less or more cartridge



Product Details

  • Maximum time and cost efficiency during small or space-intensive adhesive applications
  • Designed for use with smaller cartridges from 37.5 mL, ideal for one-off jobs
  • Premixes two-part adhesives right from the cartridge, saving time and money
  • Manual application – no extra equipment required, maximizing efficiency on individual repair orders
  • Increasing shop capability

Instafinish manual applicators add the speed and portability you need to get the most out of each job. Great for applications such as reinstalling carpet, reinforcing dampening bonds in doors and roof structures, panel bonding, SMC/fiberglass repair and more, our applicators work with many cartridges as small as 37.5 mL. Each applicator comes with a plunger.

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