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  • Degrease 1000 mL



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    Preparation is key. No matter if it is gelcoat, painted metal, wood or composite/carbon fibre, every surface needs to be degreased well before a ceramic coating can be applied. Q²R Degrease has been designed to remove polishing oil and rests of former protection in order to create a smooth and clean surface, ready to receive a new protection.

    The crucial product in the pre-coating preparation process. Use it generously to remove polishing oils and prepare the surface prior to coating. Spray directly on the surface and wipe with Q²M Polish Wipe.

    Q²R is a safe and effective degreaser and preparation product. Always use it before coating, in order to obtain a smooth, anti-static and extremely clean surface, ready to be coated.



    CONSUMPTION: 10ml/m²

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