Buff and Shine 6.5-Inch Orange Low-Pro Cutting Foam Pad



Product Details

Orange Medium Cut/Polishing

The ORANGE foam pad is constructed out of a dense, sharp foam that is able to level moderate to heavy defects on hard paint systems. Swirls, light scratches, type 2 water spots and other paint imperfections will easily be removed with this pad. This pad is aggressive enough for most applications on factory clear coat systems. Always follow this pad with a less aggressive pad/polish combination to maximize gloss and surface smoothness

The most robust foam pads ever created! 

Buff & Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads will forever change your expectations for how long a foam pad should last. Constructed out of state-of-the-art foam formulations (Buff & Shine's specialty), Buff & shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads were designed to withstand the massive orbit of large-throw polishers. If you're sick and tired of going through a set of pads after each detail, Buff & Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads will save you time and money.

Buff & Shine, an innovator in the car care foam technology industry, pulled out all the stops when developing their new line of Low-Pro Foam Pads. It's apparent right away that Buff & Shine spent a great amount of time meticulously testing and redesigning each foam pad until it was absolutely perfect. These lightweight, robust foam pads utilize a new foam formulation that promises to outlast and outperform conventional foam pads on a large-throw random orbital polisher.

Benefits of Buff & Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads:

  • Made in USA
  • New foam formulation prevents pad collapsing
  • Custom foam grades for quick defect removal
  • High heat resistant rubber interface
  • Engineered for perfect balance

Buff & shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads have an engineered rubber interface which is flame, fuel and oil resistant. This unique interface is what enables Buff & shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads to withstand the immense amount of heat created by large throw polishers. The interface also provides constant pressure to the surface being polished for consistent results.

Buff & shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads are available in the following configurations for all your buffing and polishing applications

  • Foam Dia: 6.5"
  • Loop Dia: 6"
  • Pad Thickness: .875"
  • Application: Med Cut/Heavy Polish

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