Batooneh Flex Bond Plastic Filler, Color Black



Product Details

Batooneh Flex Bond Plastic Polyester putty for plastic is very soft. It has the unique elasticity and flexibility. Due to its properties it is recommended especially for plastic surfaces, for filling the scratches and cavities before the primer application. This Batooneh plastic filler is highly flexible with a smooth non dragging texture Easy sanding and no clogging qualities. Designed especially for the adhesion of plastic repairs for bumper bars and other plastic components. Will flex with bumps and vibrations that would cause other fillers to crack over time. Pin hole free application.


  • Spreads to a smooth finish with a fine taper for a quicker feather-edge, it is ready to sand in approximately 20 minutes
  • Formulated with special resins for superior adhesion on properly prepared plastics such as TPO, EPM, TEO, TPUR, TPE, PUR, SMC and FRP
  • Provides an excellent feather-edge with no peel-back
  • Non-clog formula increases production and saves sandpaper
  • Vacuum processed to produce a pinhole free finish

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