2.1 VOC HS Clear Coat w/2:1 Mixing ration - 5L



Product Details

HS Clear Coat is a specially developed Clear Coat to comply with VOC limit regulations issued by the California Air Resource Board and Environment. This has a maximum VOC-content of 2.1 lb/gal. HS Clear Coat is a non-yellowing, high-gloss finishing finish, very easy to use. Air-drying and force drying. Suitable for passenger cars and all other vehicles. 3 Choice of Hardeners, Fast, Medium or Slow.


  1. Highest quality 2-pack acrylic HS clear coat for car repairs.
  2. The Very high content of solid.
  3. Extremely high gloss.
  4. Excellent coat appearance.
  5. Color - Colorless.
  6. Gloss Grade – Very high gloss.
  7. Self-leveling.
  8. Wet look finishes throughout.


Instafinish Shiraz Clear Coat 2:1 can be applied over:

  1. Basic colors.
  2. Metallic colors.
  3. Old finishes in good condition.
  4. The old coatings should be degreased, dry sanded and degreased again.

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