Rupes Quartz Medium DA Polishing Compound



Product Details

RUPES Quarz Medium Polishing Compound has the power to remove P2500 grit sanding marks and leave a swirl-free, high-gloss finish in one-step. This medium polishing compound works with the large orbital movement of BigFoot random orbital polishers to eliminate paint defects and swirl marks. On most finishes and colors, Quarz Medium Polishing Compound will produce a wax-ready finish.

Use Quarz Medium Polishing Compound on your favorite BigFoot random orbital polisher any time you need to remove moderate paint defects. Quarz is the ideal solution for restoring OEM paint finishes to a high-gloss level. This polishing compound is engineered to work with RUPES Green Medium Foam Pads for optimum results. Ideal as a one-step correction solution on moderate to light surface imperfections.

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