M27 Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant



Product Details

ADVANCED SI02 FORMULA: Hybrid Ceramic Si02 sealant provides our most durable professional sealant to date
USE ON PAINT OR PAINT PROTECTION FILM: Incredible gloss, slickness & beading on paint & Paint Protection Film
NON-STAINING SEALANT: Won’t stain trim or decals
EASY TO USE: Can be used in sun and very easy to wipe off
M27 PRO Hybrid Ceramic Sealant is a professional grade SiO2-based sealant with self-cleaning, tight beading & slickness levels typcially only found with ceramic coatings. Packed with innovation like Self-Leveling Technology, M27 delivers lasting high-performance protection across many automotive surfaces, including Paint Protection Films, without discoloring trim or decals.

  • Pro Strength Hybrid Ceramic Sio2 Liquid Sealant
  • True Sio2 base chemistry with self-cleaning, slickness & gloss levels typically associated with a Ceramic Coating
  • Highly effective on both paint & paint protection film surfaces, adding significant slickness to PPF
  • Engineered for Professionals - Allows for longer work time so product can be applied to entire vehicle before wipe-off
  • Will not stain exterior non painted rubber or plastic trim pieces
  • Safe on exterior vinyl stripes/decals
  • Easy Wipe off even in full sun
  • Hand or D/A Application

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