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  • M110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound



    Product Details


    • All-new compound from the ground up, featuring special SMAT abrasives that redefine what a compound can do
    • Quickly removes 1,200 grit or finer sanding marks, leaving a high gloss finish
    • Works faster and with less mess thanks to quick cutting, long buffing cycle, low dust formula
    • Designed with both short- and long-throw DA use in mind (not just rotary)

    The Meguiar's Ultra Pro Speed Compound M110 helps you safely and easily remove heavy imperfections from paintwork. The M110 was designed from the ground up with Dual Action (DA) polishers in mind. Meguiar's used what they call their SMAT Abrasive expertise. This polishing technology provides you with cutting power to remove RIDS, swirls, scratches and other ugly imperfections while producing minimal dust and a long working cycle. You can use this compound on soft, medium, or hard paint types. When polishing, apply 3 to 4 pea size drops to your pad and work on one panel at a time. You will be amazed at how fast you can remove severe defects and leave behind a more optically clear surface. Although this compound does finish down great, there is always a chance that some compounding haze will be visible, especially when working on darker colored paint. If you are looking for perfection, we recommend following up with the Ultra Pro Finishing Polish M210. Stop letting heavy imperfections take away from the look of your vehicle, use the Meguiar's Ultra Pro Speed Compound M110!

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