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  • Wet Coat 500 ml

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    Q²M Wet Coat is an instant, brilliantly easy to use hydrophobicity booster. It’s a ready to use formula, giving outstanding results in a simple and quick spray on/rinse off process. Despite its ease of use, Q²M Wet Coat provides great durability and chemical resistance.


    Major benefit of Q²M Wet Coat is its versatile character, allowing usage on almost every exterior surface of your vehicle. It will add great self-cleaning properties not only to the paintwork, but also to plastic or metal trims, rims or windows.


    Q²M Wet Coat is a revolutionary spray sealant that offers instant durable protection in minutes – simply spray-on and rinse-off. The real advantage is the huge hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect that is delivered immediately, together with an intense gloss and shine to painted surfaces.


    Before you apply the product, make sure the vehicle is clean and wet and that you can remove the coating with a pressure washer. Keep out of reach of children. Seek medical attention if swallowed.


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