Foaming Surface Wash



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Meet the safest way to wash. We've worked the chemistry hard to make Foaming Surface Wash pH-neutral so it cleans softly and prolongs the life of your existing waxes and sealants. This is the foaming cleaner you should use for routine washing to maintain your Best Of Show finish. It can be utilized as a pre-wash or touchless wash. It's also a great way to increase the safety and fun of your weekly car washing therapy. Along with our exclusive dual-layer foam formulation, another advanced technology of our foaming products is their viscosity, which has been precisely calibrated to work with the THE BOSS™ Foam Cannon's exclusive Auto-Mix feature. This feature allows you to screw on a bottle of wash and spray away at the proper ratio.

This fluffy foam gently loosens, lifts, encapsulates, and releases contaminants, deep cleaning your paint while avoiding wash-induced scratches.

  • Rich, clingy snow foam avoids wash-induced scratches
  • pH-neutral to retain existing waxes and sealants for routine maintenance
  • Ground-up formulation blended for THE BOSS™ Foam Cannon Auto-Mix system
  • Dual-layer foam formula extends dwell time, enhances cleaning action
  • Primary foam clings to surface softening road film, organic contaminants
  • Secondary foam releases and carries the abrasives to the ground
  • Extended dwell times... up to 10 minutes of quality cleaning

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