CarPro Suede MicroFiber 16"x16" 10 PACK

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Our Suede MicroFiber towel is soft, smooth, and self absorbing.  Our unique finishing process leaves the CarPro Suede Microfiber cloths ready to use with any coating, offering a better finish and ease of use.  Additionally it is the PERFECT towel for wiping down navigations screens, Television screens, and a variety of sensitive monitors.   This is the largest of our suede microfiber line and works extremely well for wiping off CQuartz after it has flashed.  


  • Wiping off Cquartz, CQuartz UK, and other coatings
  • Navigation Screens
  • Sunglasses
  • Television and Monitors


  • Edgeless
  • Non Linting
  • Ultra Soft
  • Ultra Smooth
  • Self Absorbing
  • Made in Korea

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